Professional translations that I offer in this area are based on a solid foundation of knowledge. I am a graduate in Management with a degree in Finance and banking from the University of Gdańsk where I was awarded honours with the title of Magister (The Polish equivalent of Master’s degree). I have long-standing work experience in international companies both in Poland and (mostly) abroad.

Big business, Hong Kong,

My primary fields of translation:
- finance,
- banking,
- administration,
- logistics, distribution and warehouse management,
- transport,
- export-import and customs,
- marketing and advertising,
- insurances,
- real estate,
- European Union policy,
- environmental economics,
- and other similar fields,

Futhermore I have sound knowledge of Internet and acquired experience in an international hi-tech company in the telecomunications market which gave me the following skills:
- business information management (business informatics),
- economic issues connected with telecommunications, computers and the Internet.

I provide translations for all kinds of contracts, business related articles, brochures, presentations, official letters, memos, business letters, Web pages, Curriculum Vitaes and so on.


L: …but business is business: weighing palm sugar, India
M: …but business is business: selling fabrics, India
R: …but business is business: selling body dyes, India


L: …but business is business: ‘Hello, a pineapple?’, India
M: …and a job is a job: a cycle-rickshaw wallah in Varanasi, India
R: …and business is business: an enterprising dog earning its living? Sadly no, just earning its owner’s, India