- Graduate of University of Gdańsk, Faculty of Management, Poland
- Graduate of Translator Training College, English Unlimited, Gdańsk, Poland
- Full member of ProZ.com: the world’s largest translator community
- Over 7 years of professional experience in multinational companies in which 5 years were spent abroad (London, Amsterdam,
   Brussels, Barcelona)
- Traveller: 4 years of traveling on 5 continents
- Full time English<>Polish, Spanish<>Polish translator and language teacher


My name is Bartosz Musial. After years of different professional and life experiences I have found a natural affinity and excitment in working with language: first in English, then Spanish. In translation I discovered I could combine work with passion.

I am a graduate of the Management Faculty at the University of Gdańsk. Because of my fluency in English (a lifelong hobby) and a gap year spent in London (during university) which contributed enormously to my language skills, immediately after my studies I took on a job where the basic requirement was a perfect command of English. I have been doing this ever since. English has opened me up to the world.

In the years that followed I was totally immersed and always working in an English (and later Spanish) speaking environment (Amsterdam – over 2 years, Brussels – nearly a year, Barcelona – over a year). I was responsible for export-import operations, logistics and contact with English-speaking clients. While working for strategic international customers my task was very often to maintain regular communication with various departments within the company: Sales, Marketing, IT, Production, Warehouse, Accounts, HR – mostly in writing but orally as well – and quite often in two languages in order to make information available to all employees: English<>Polish, Spanish<>Polish and even English<>Spanish.

My language skills were greatly enhanced during numerous foreign voyages, especially four long and four years in total worldwide journeys: through Latin America, Asia and Australia. These were real-life experiences. Everything I read about, often wrote about, spoke about, was touched, seen, tasted, lived and is embedded in my heart.

Travel on the geographic and spiritual plane is inseperable as I saw in my long journey to Santiago de Compostela and an encounter with the Christian faith of Latin American nations which is fervent in a way that one rarely sees in present day Europe. This coexistence of the spiritual and the geografihical is seen as well in shamanism, traditional ceremonies and ancient rituals of indigenous Andean Indians and Aborigines in Australia and in encounters with countless deities, gods and goddesses in Hindu India, with its many branches of yoga and the the concept of karma and reincarnation – furthermore with the mystical wisdom of Sufism in Islamic Rajasthan. And finally in the sometimes more austere in feeling but surely neither spiritually impoverished nor shallow Buddhist path of Tibet and Himalayas.

Therefore all translations in these areas reflect an understanding acquired by first-hand experiences. It is my belief that it’s very important to really have a good idea about what one translates.

I started my career as translator and English teacher in 1997 at the end of my university studies, at first as a hobby. Since 2006 I have been a full-time translator and English (and Spanish) teacher.

In 2010 I finished Translator Training College in Gdańsk with a specialization in English language in order to broaden my linguistic skills and acquire essential theory. And for 2 years I have been a full member of translation portal ProZ.com.

Following long-distance cycle routes: EUROVELO 1 and 6 (on the left: Atlantic coast in France) and GREEN VELO (on the right: the Bug river on the border between Poland and Ukraine)

L: Rainbow on the Rainbow Beach, Australia

M: An optimal load: bags of sugar in the bus, Laos

R: How NOT to be dressed for a jungle trekking, northern Thailand


L: Looking for miners, Potosi, Bolivia

R: Rest among buckthorn shrubs: Nubra valley, Ladakh, India